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        Toll free phone:


        Tel:+ 86 0755-85290710
        Fax:  + 86 0755-27572441

        E-mail: sales@www.fafashopping.com

        Website: www.www.fafashopping.com

        Weibo: http://weibo.com/AcolyteLED

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        Acolyte got great success at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition) 27-30 Oct. 2017

        TIME: 2017-11-15    COPYFROM: SYL-lighting

        The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair ended perfectly. We showed our Ribbonlyte, Channels, Panel Lyte, NeonLyte,Geolyte, Pendent, SpotLyte, DownLyte, TrackLyte, GridLyte, and our new pendent. They are all very welcomed. We got great success! As we continue to expand our product lines and professional relationships, we look forward to working with our new friends and clients in the near future.

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