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        Tel:+ 86 0755-85290710
        Fax:  + 86 0755-27572441

        E-mail: sales@www.fafashopping.com

        Website: www.www.fafashopping.com

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        Acolyte 2017-2018 Annual Meeting

        TIME: 2018-03-02    COPYFROM: SYL-lighting

        On February 3rd, 2018, "We Are Acolyte, We Are a Family" as the theme of the meeting we held the 2018  Annual Meeting in Green Tree Inns Hotel in Shenzhen, Acolyte CEO, COO, CFO and all Acolyte Asia Pacific  staff and leaders happily gathered together, singing, applause and cheers echoed through the meeting, one climax after another, presents Acolyte is a big harmony family.

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