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        Tel:+ 86 0755-85290710
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        Clear Housing Nodes 48
        Clear Housing Nodes 48 (PDF)
        No Data Report (PDF)
        No Data High CRI Photometric Report (PDF)
        No Data IES File (IES)
        No Data IES PDF Report (IES)
        • Product Description

        The Node is versatile, single-point source fixture available in a variety of colors. It can be used to highlight details, or create a controlled ambience within a setting.
        Sold in string at 20 pcs , and the distance between nodes can be defined when ordering, we can sell piece by pieces either.

        ? 1.5 W
        ? Opal, Clear and frosted diffuser available
        ? RGB, RGBW3000K, RGBW4000K, RGBW6000K
        ? Apply solid capacitor of PCB for long life time
        ? DC24V (RGB), DC12V(RGBW)
        ? Standard DMX512 control protocol (Max 44 frames /second)
        ? Black, White, Clear housing color

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