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        Adjustable Beam Angle LED Down Light
        Adjustable Beam Angle LED Down Light (PDF)
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        • Product Description
        Beam angle adjustable down light provide first class options for architects, designers and display applications who want superior flexibility in an LED accent lighting system. Acolyte new Down light Series offers a wide adjustable focus from 15° to 90°, highlighting any valuable area or object. Integrate a “Circle in a Square”, available as dual, triple or even more customized to your needs. A compact design with superior thermal management makes this fixture perfect for any truly high-end places. Lamp head can be one handed adjusted by rotating 350° horizontally & adjusting the ±25° pivot axis.
        ? 15 W, 30 W, 45W
        ? Available CRI> 90 or CRI > 80
        ? AC100-120V (CRI > 80), AC220-240V (CRI > 90)
        ? 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
        ? 15°~90° adjustabe beam angle
        ? Triac, DALI, 0-10V dimming, non-dimmable
        ? Power factor > 0.9
        ? Aluminum housing material
        ? Black or white housing color
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