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        Direct & Indirect Pendant EH50
        Direct & Indirect Pendant EH50 (PDF)
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        • Product Description
        Where there is a need for overhead lighting, our Linear Lyte fixtures deliver. These pendant fixtures are light and efficient, and can mount to drop ceilings, concrete or drywall/gypsum. Available in multiple styles and lengths our Linear Lyte Fixtures can be powder coated to match any color in your design. Create a beautifully lit space with one of our several pendant fixture profiles.
        Sold in 1 m / 39.4 in, 2 m / 78.7 in and 2.5 m / 98.4 in lengths, customized length below 6 m / 236.2 in upon your request, and 5 different color temperatures.
        ? 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
        ? UV Resistantt
        ? Non-dimmable, DALI, Triac, 0 ~ 10V Dimming
        ? Powdercoating available in Black or White